Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dedication Requires a Why!

Is there anything you do that you would love to be World Class at?

When you look at others who are clearly at the top of their game, does it make wish you could achieve the same dizzying heights in an arena of your own?

Are you someone who is inspired by others who are in a league of their own at their chosen specialism or does it expose your own feelings of inadequacy, leaving you deflated and unfulfilled?

If you are one of the latter, then I suggest the knowledge of this simple formula will change your perceptions of others who are clearly experts in their own class.
Passion + Dedication = Awesome
Quite simple really, but those three little words, when formed in this way can lead to World Class results and it works like this...

To get good at anything, and I mean really good, then you need to spend a lot of time doing it. Repetition is the key and the magic number of 10,000 hours, or 10,000 repetitions comes into effect if you want to get to a high standard at one particular skill.
However, this effort and this training has to be functional and not just a case of going through the motions. You have to be fully engaged to make every single repetition valuable and of benefit to your overall progress.
The problem is, this takes massive dedication. Huge amounts of selfless commitment and focus in order to stick at it when your mind wanders and your body tires.

Dedication to the task in hand and the ultimate end destination is crucial if you are to aim for expertise and jaw dropping Awesomeness in whatever field you choose.

Dedication isn’t just something you turn on, it’s something that has to be driven from within. The kind of dedication that a World Class level of expertise requires simply cannot be manufactured or falsely engineered, it has to be an internal desire and a limitless will to reach this dream elevation.

Viktor Frankl in “Mans Search for Meaning” says you can suffer any number of How’s if you have one reason Why.

What he meant was, if you have a good enough reason to do something, you will overcome any hurdle that is thrown in your way. Ask a mother who will brave an inferno to race back into a house to save her child. Once you have a big enough reason to do anything, you will be able to push yourself through any hardship to get there; nothing will stand in your way.
Dedication requires a Why!
In this case, the best reason why is to have something that you are passionate about. As an example, take something that you ordinarily do for a hobby. Often, we do hobby’s in our spare time, time which is valuable and which we can choose to spend doing anything we want, and so we choose to do a hobby that is what we would consider the best use of that time.
In addition, we often spend our hard earned money on our hobby, buying equipment or kit, paying for club memberships or licenses, possibly evening travelling far and wide to study and practice our hobby.

This is your passion and this is your reason Why.

So choosing something you are passionate about, such as your favourite hobby, pastime, or sport. These are the most likely areas that you will find a big enough reason Why to dedicate yourself to a level where you can reach expertise and awesomeness.
Passion + Dedication = Awesome
However, I’ll let you into a little secret. I got the formula slighty wrong. It’s not Passion PLUS Dedication, it’s actually Passion TIMES Dedication
Passion x Dedication = Awesome
Once you find something you are truly passionate about and have a dream and an internal desire to be world class at it, then your dedication will be repaid in multiples. You will want to practice your chosen specialism more than there are hours in the day. You will want to live, eat, sleep and breathe your field of expertise.
And with this kind of dedication, you simply cannot fail to get good.

The two clips linked in this article demonstrate my formula in the most impressive of ways.
Both of these professionals are simply at the very top of their game, performing feats that are both awesome and majestic to watch. Things we could only dream of being able to accomplish.
But the key here is, we all CAN accomplish these extremes of skill, if we too share their passion and their dedication to become World Class.

So choose what you want to excel in, and dedicate yourself to it, you’ll be surprised at the results when this little formula starts to kick in.

Thank you for reading
Stay Safe and Have Fun

Al Peasland
Personal Safety Expert

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