Monday, 3 January 2011

SNOWMAN - Short Film

In Dec 2009, my good friend Stephen "Hollywood" Reynolds approached us at CSP for our help with some fight choreography for a new Short Film he wanted to produce.

For those who don't know Stephen, he is responsible for all the hard work filming and producing my own Martial Arts Instructional DVD's and is simply an amazing talent.

Mick Tully and I jumped at the chance to try our hand at fight choreography, and with Stephen's brief of wanting something realistic, but with a touch of Cartoon Hero thrown in for good measure, we set to work building a fight scene situated on the top deck of a bus, that forms the main scene in the short film.

With the support of some of our guys at the CSP Coventry Classes, we worked through the scene, refining it to fit the enclosed space of the bus and shaping it to tie in with the storyline that Stephen had already created.

Following this - Stephen then took a masive gamble with me and asked me to play the part of the "Snowman" - which was a great opportunity for me to try something new and get into the Fear zone again. Without hesitation I said YES, and then Stephen told me I would have to be sprayed white, razor my head, wear pink contact lenses and bleach my eyebrows.
I still said YES!

What followed was a fantastic experience for me, a huge learning curve and a gigantic respect for anyone who steps in front of the camera to act out their character. I worked with some wonderful people, especially Philip Goldacre who plays the Detective Inspector, who was a true gentleman and incredibly talented. I felt both incredibly out of my depth and yet massively supported by everyone who was there. A great way to test your fears and experience new things!

The result is the 15 minute film featured at the bottom of this blog.

More of Stephen's work can be found here!

Stephen is now raising funds to produce the feature length version of Snowman, and any contributions are greatly appreciated by both him and me. To see someone such as Stephen, have such passion for what they do and commit absolutely everything to realising their dream, the least we can do is thank him for giving us all the inspiration to follow our own dreams and perhaps help him on his way a little ;-)

Read a great review of Snowman - HERE

There are more stills from the production, and the official trailer to the movie on my own website

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