Thursday, 26 August 2010

Your Best Shot

It was Nietzsche who said
“Imagine if we Really did do all we could”

For me this translates to when we often say
“Well, I tried my best”
“I gave it my best shot, it’s not my fault it failed”


Did we Really give it our best shot, or is that just what we’re telling everyone and ourselves in an attempt to forgive ourselves for the failure to commit and subsequently succeed?

There are a myriad of reasons why we may fail at something. Our fear of success, our inability to handle the victory, our ill-preparedness for the resulting success, the list goes on.

It can also be a simple lack of commitment and intention placed upon a given task.

Again, this can be due to many things including, our lack of passion for the chosen task, our simple indifference to the subject matter, or even worse, our simple laziness.

To give something your best shot means to have committed every single fibre of your body, every single ounce of your strength, every inch of your courage, every morsel of your desire and willpower to the sole aim of a successful outcome.

It means to have had a steadfast resolve to not give in, not turn back, not be waivered and not be deterred.

This short and succinct statement of “Giving It Our Best” actually demands a vast amount from an individual and so it’s no surprise that we often throw this comment out there without really having the grounds or justification to back it up.

So, I challenge you all now, as I challenge myself.
Pick the next thing you want to achieve and then really really do Give It your Best Shot.

Do your absolute best. Give it everything you have. Don’t Try your best – DO your best.
And last of all – don’t wait to see what happens, because waiting to see what happens means you’ve taken your foot of the gas, stood still and handed over the outcome to fate. Sprint through the line, don’t pull up 10 metres short.

I liken this to the lesson to one that I give to my students when trying to generate more power from their kicks or punches.
The lesson is to kick THROUGH the target, not AT or TO the target, but to do that, you have to AIM through the target.

Rather than pull and snap the kick back at the point of impact, the point impact is assumed to be further through or past where the target actually is.
In fact, it is intended that hitting the target should come as almost a surprise in stopping the kick from progressing when we have expected it to carry on further.

The point here is that the kick is not set in motion and then all energy switched off once the leg is in flight – as though waiting to see what happens when it reaches the target.
No, the kick is continually powered all the way to and through the target.

The success of the kick landing is not something we have waited for after an initial blast of effort – it is something that happens almost before we had expected it to whilst we actually continued to work hard, driving towards our goal.

Whatever your target it, Financial wealth, Business success, Marital happiness, you should approach it in the same way.

Don’t start a business and then leave it running under it’s own steam, waiting for the successes to come rolling in.

Don’t kick-start your relationship with a few romantic endeavours and then sit back and wait for marital bliss to make an appearance.

Don’t eat well and train for a few days and then expect your health and your body to return your short-lived good deeds with a fighting fit humananoid vehicle suitable for a mens health front cover.
Continue to work, power through, and Do your very best. Whilst you’re busy doing these things you will suddenly notice the rewards have appeared along the way.

When you really really do do your best, you’ll be amazed at the results.

“When you reach the top, keep climbing”

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Al Peasland x