Monday, 20 December 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Even when you are born to do something.

Even when that very thing is handed down genetically, over the centuries of evolution.

You still need to Practice!

As a martial artist, even when you think you have a move perfected. Even when you can make that technique work against every opponent, time and time again......... You still need to Practice!

So, lets take a little tip from nature and learn to drill techniques over and over again - even if we're training on our own.

On the other hand of course - this could be simply because the "wise old owl" actually has a very small brain due to the space that their large eyes take up in their skull.......

Nah - I still like to think he is practicing to get closer to perfection.

Stay Safe and Keep Practicing

Al x

1 comment:

  1. Great advice. I give the same to my students. Someone once told me that you need to practice something a 10,000 times to master it. Whether or not that's full true, it serves to put things in perspective. And by the time you reach some level of mastery with one technique, the next is undoubtably slipping from disuse. It is an endless process of perfection. :)