Thursday, 20 May 2010

Work Harder

As always, my articles are usually inspired by things that have happened to me, and to those around me.
This week is no exception and it is with the great news that my brother Mick Tully has received his certificate to confirm his recognition and well deserved place on the Dan Inosanto Apprentice Instructor program, that I write this weeks article.
For those not aware, to be awarded such a position not only requires the proposal of a senior instructor within the Dan Inosanto program, it also requires a lengthy, if not life long study of the arts.

Mick has done just that, and was so highly regarded that not one, but two of his instructors, a couple of the most respected men in their field, both proposed Mick for this achievement.

But these things don’t come easy. Certainly not on the back of one or two sessions a week for a few years, and most definitely not on the back of a week-end or 6 month series of seminars. No, this type of award is the result of many many years hard work, dedication and commitment to the arts.
It is this dedication, this focus and faith, this self belief and continual strive for self improvement, that gives me this weeks’ inspiration.

Those who know me know I’m no stranger to hard work. I am a firm believer that it’s not just about working “Smart Not Hard”, it’s actually about Working “Smarter AND Harder”.

The only thing you get by being lazy is Fat, so as well as learning smarter and more efficient ways to work, you still need to put in some time, commit some energy and some sweat, if you want to make real progress.

Ask Thomas Edison who reportedly took over 12 years to invent the lightbulb

He himself said “There is no substitute for hard work”

Ask Alexander Bell who reportedly took over 6 years to invent the telephone.

Both achievements took incredible commitment and dedication, they took tenacity and unwavering staying power when things got difficult or looked to be making no progress, and they took faith and belief that one day the hard work would pay off.
Once you have that belief and understanding that your efforts will eventually be rewarded, then you have the reason to keep driving forwards. Without that belief then you will stop at the first hurdle and never reach your full potential.

As Mick is quoted to say a lot on our classes, if you’re going to paint, do you want to be a painter and decorator or do you want to be a Michael Angelo. And lets not forget that Michael Angelo took over 4 years to paint the Sistine chapel.
He could have just slapped a coat of magnolia over that ceiling and been done with it within the week, but he wanted more, and he had faith that when it was done the rewards would be magnificent. But those rewards didn’t happen overnight, nor did they happen with a couple of hours work a day and plenty of coffee breaks in between. He was smart with his ideas and methods of painting that ceiling but he also worked dam hard too.

Everything that’s worth doing is probably going to take a lot of effort, but the rewards will be ever present once you commit to putting in the hours and giving it your all.

Sir Isaac Newton is quoted as saying
“If I am anything, which I highly doubt, I have made myself so by hard work.”

And I have a little quote of my own that I think sums up this whole article

“Most people expect Everything but give only Something
Only when you’re prepared to give Everything can you start to expect Anything”

Al Peasland

And without fear of making this article a long collection of quotes and motivational phrases I’d like to leave you with something that I heard the amazing Randy Pausch say in one of his lectures

“If you want the secret to my success, call me in my office on a Friday night at 10pm and I’ll tell you”

So start working hard. Know what you want, commit yourself to it, have some faith that you will get there and be prepared to make an effort.

Work Smarter AND Harder.

Congratulations to Mick Tully on his fantastic achievement. I know how pleased he is with this prestigious accolade and I am thoroughly excited for him. Not only for the recognition he has received but also for where he will take this in the future.

Oh, and a final footnote. I just told you all that working hard will bring the rewards. The beauty is that sometimes you get even more than you had bargained for, which I see as a Brucie Bonus for making the effort in the first place.

Well Mick not only received the certificate he was proposed for in the Jun Fan and JKD arts, he also received another accreditation to teach the Filipino arts too. Totally unexpected but totally deserved.
Sometimes you just have to put in the hard work and trust that the rewards will be there.

Thanks for reading

Stay Safe and Have Fun

AL x