Thursday, 29 April 2010

Al's 25 Questions

A good friend of mine Kris Wilder has a great blogspot where he invites senior martial artists to share their thoughs via the forum of only 25 questions/statements/quotes, etc

Here's what I had to offer - you can see the full blog from the link at the top

25.Sometimes, 25 questions just aren’t enough.

24.I love animals more than I love a great deal of people.

23.Love your family, Love your friends, Love your partner, but most importantly, Love yourself. You are the only one who is guaranteed to be with you your entire life.

22. With a beginners mentality the world of opportunity opens up, but with a masters mind the choices are few. The moment you think of yourself as being “in the room”, is the moment the door is firmly closed in front of you.

21.If you want to be a tall tree, don’t chop all the others around you down – just grow taller. My brother Mick Tully

20.You know you have to make things change when you find yourself sleeping on a sofa with a gun under your pillow.

19.Some days all you need is a cuddle, other days you just need to toughen the hell up.

18.My Animal Days are many. Some are ongoing battles that feel like they’re never going to end. Some are over in a flash with instant rewards.
What’s your Animal Day?

17.Embrace the ones you love with open arms.

16. We may want to achieve great things, but sometimes we do that by helping others to achieve great things.

15.We make a living through what we get but a life through what we give. Sir Winston Churchill

14.You can’t learn to swim without getting wet and you can’t learn to fight without getting hit.

13.When you are balanced you are more difficult to knock over. That applies to the attacks from your training partner and the kicks and punches that life will throw at you.

12.You can be a Jack of All Trades AND a Master of One.

11.Work smarter AND work harder.

10.The tallest branch is never the safest roost, but it certainly gives you the best vantage point.

9.Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are busy living our fears.

8.Integrity is precious and fragile. You work your life to build it up but it can all be lost in one moment’s action.

7.You’ll find out who your real friends are the moment it becomes uncomfortable for them to be your friend.

6.Self Protection begins with the “Self”.

5.The day I am not laughing and having fun on the mat – is the day I find something else to do.

4.Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take – but the number of moments that take our breath away.

3.Reputation is what others think of you – but character is what you actually are. Work more on your character and be concerned less about your rep.

2.If it was easy – everyone would be good.

1.You cannot have Courage without having Fear.

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